Meet Chuck & Christine

We’re Chuck and Christine Thornley, and we’re so thankful that you’ve decided to visit our blog.  We believe in love, and we want to share our vision of love with you.

Christine was a single mom with two kids, working to try to keep her head above water and make sure that her kids knew they were loved by both her and God.  She had a desire to know what it meant to be really loved by a husband, but after so many years she finally decided that she was content to be alone.

Chuck was a single guy with no kids or anyone else depending on him.  He was a youth pastor, musician, and committed science fiction fan, who spent every waking moment with friends or at church.  His secret was the he was lonely, and he had a desire to fall in love, but he asked God to put that desire aside because he didn’t want to be distracted by it.  And finally God granted his wish, and made him content to be single.

And that is where our love story starts, because when we had both finally decided that we weren’t looking for spouses anymore, God put us together.  Our first conversation was about cooking, and I think you’ll see how much we both love that in our blog.

Now Christine is a deacon, a painter, photographer, (in fact many of the photos on here are her work) baker, amazing wife, and mother.  Now Chuck is a church elder, writer, musician, dedicated husband, and father.  Love makes us all new.

But when we say that we want to share our vision of love with you, we don’t just mean our love story.  We mean love of all kinds.  We want to show you how we love one another, our children, food, family, friends, home, travel, adventures, and God, and we want to help you grow in your love for all of those things too.

We cannot wait to go on this journey together with you, and we pray that everyone who reads this blog and shares in our life, will find wonderful joy with us.

-Chuck and Christine