Praying for your spouse is incredibly important. If one of the purposes of marriage is to help us each become more holy, (it is! Ephesians 5) then we need to be helping each other along on that journey.

As a husband, part of my responsibility is to spiritually lead my wife and wash her in the Word. In this I’m just going to give you seven ways you can help lead your wife through prayer and some scripture passages to go along with those prayer ideas.


  1. Pray that she will know God more fully. (John 17:3)

Knowing who God is and knowing him truthfully is absolutely important for any

believer. If we do not know the one who created us and saved us, how can we

really be in His family?


  1. Pray that she will be fulfilled in love. (Ephesians 5:25)

Your wife will never be happy in your marriage if she does not know she is loved

by you. No, she should not find her worth in your love. All of us find our worth in

the love of Christ. However, your responsibility is to love her and your love makes

her happy.


  1. Pray that she will serve God everyday. (Luke 16:10)

Whatever time or responsibilities your wife may have, whether that’s work, family,

church, or anything else, pray to help her understand that everything she does

should be an act of service to God. That is what life is about.


  1. Pray that she will find rest and peace. (John 16:33)

Our lives can be so crazy and overwhelming sometimes and this is at least

equally true for our wives, probably even more so. She needs the peace of Christ

in her life and you can help her with that peace by praying that the Holy Spirit will

open her eyes to see His rest.


  1. Pray that she will have contentment. (Philippians 4:11-13)

We can all become dissatisfied with our homes, jobs, cars, or other surroundings.

Just as you need to learn to be happy with what God has given you, your wife

needs the same thing. Pray for her that she will see her blessings.


  1. Pray that she will be safe and protected. (Psalm 61:2)

Women face the danger of abuse and attack frequently and your wife knows that.

Her knowing that you are praying for her safety and protection will help her to

know that you care about her fears, and your prayers to God will help those fears

to go unrealized.


  1. Pray that she will not have fear. (Psalm 18:2)

This is closely related to the last one. My wife struggles with fear because of

some damage that had been done to her in the past. Her fear sometimes holds

her back from the places God wants to take her. Praying for her to overcome her

fears frees her to move more fully into who God wants her to be.


I encourage you to customize this list for your wife if her needs are different than mine. (Which is likely true.) But the important part is to pray for her everyday, and if this list helps you, then Praise God!



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