Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
‭‭-Matthew‬ ‭5:8

There is an old song that goes “Give me one pure and holy passion. Give me one magnificent obsession. Give me one glorious ambition for my life, to know and follow hard after you.” I stop and think about the times that I’ve stood in church singing that song, and I have to wonder why we feel the need to sing that? We like to think that we are in charge of what our passions, desires, and ambitions are, so why not just choose to have the ambition of following God? Why do we have to ask Him to give it to us?

The truth is, in our own power, we are not as powerful as we think. We think we control our destiny, that we decide what will happen in our lives, that we are in charge of who we will be and what we will do. Yet, time and time again, we see people around us fall to addiction, financial ruin, divorce, etc. We see pastors in the public eye hit the stumbling block of greed, self glorification, affairs, and so on. It is not in our ability to have pure hearts, or truly see God.

The good news is, that it is in God’s power. That’s why we sing those songs. That’s why we get on our knees and ask for Him to change us. If we want to see God, then we need hearts that are pure. Hearts freed from slavery to sin, and filled with a passion to reflect the heart of God. Praise God that He can give us, what we can never get ourselves!

Discussion Questions:

1: What is something that you have a passion in your heart for? What have you done to feed that passion? How does that thing influence and control your life?

2: Do you want to have a pure heart for God? How can you achieve being one of the blessed that will get to see God?

3: What does it mean to see God? How do you think that seeing Him in your life will change you? How do you think it will change others?

Pray that God cleanses you from the inside. Pray that, moment by moment, your heart will be transformed, moving away from the passions of this world toward the desires of God’s heart. Ask Him to allow the things of this Earth to grow dim as you see His wonderful face.


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