Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
-Matthew 5:6

There aren’t very many things in this life that can truly promise to fill us.  No matter how large of a meal you eat, you will be hungry again in the future.  No matter how happy you are with your new car, you’ll need another one in a few years.  No matter how much you love a song, you’ll want to hear a different one at some point.

We often find ourselves in a state of longing.  How many times are we sure we could be happy if we just had a new book, a new guitar, a new job, a new friend, etc?  But that promise of fulfillment comes up empty time and time again.  How can we ever know what it really means to be filled, and to not have to continue to seek after things to make us happy?

Jesus gives us the answer right here in this Beatitude.  You will be blessed, or joyful, when your desire is for righteousness, because then God will fulfill you.  Righteousness, a deep relationship with a perfect God, the joy of knowing our Savior, and our Creator, and the Holy Spirit personally, is what we need to end that everlasting hunger.  If we come desperately hungry and thirsty for the things of God, then we have the promise that God will pour out righteousness on us, and we will be fulfilled.  And as we continue to seek Him more, He will keep filling us up, until we overflow, and He will pour more and more into us, so that we are always filled with the righteousness of God.  What an amazing promise!


1: What is something, that you desperately wanted?  Did you or did you not get that thing?  If you got it, was your longing fulfilled forever, or did you eventually want something else?

2: What does righteousness mean?  Why does God want us to desire righteousness?  How does God pour righteousness into us?  How do we live out righteousness once we have been filled?

Ask God to make you more hungry and more thirsty for righteousness.  Pray that your desire for the things of this world will be replaced with a desire for the things of God.  Thank God for the promise that you will be filled if you seek righteousness, and ask Him to fill you more and more every day.


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