Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
‭‭-Matthew‬ ‭5:5‬

We, as a society, spend a lot of time focusing on our own power. We teach our children things like self-control, self-confidence, pride, and empowerment. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the theory behind these things, and I’m not advocating a worm-in-the-dust philosophy, but when our focus is ourselves, we’re robbing ourselves and our families of the power that God wants to give us.

It is absolutely right for us to understand our value, and our worth, but it is critical that we understand that that value comes from our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the power of God working through us which gives us the ability to do good things in this life and to make changes for the Kingdom of God. God’s word promises us, in Ephesians 1:17-21 that we have the power of God working in us.  We are promised that we take part in the inheritance of God’s gloriousness in His people.  We are clearly told that we have access to the same power that raised Christ from the dead.  

This is not to say that we are miracle machines, or that we’ll always be rich and never struggle with anything.  The truth in these passages is simply that in our meekness, in our restraint, in the putting aside of our own meager power, the power of the Holy Spirit shines more brightly through us.  When we make ourselves low, we really grasp the inheritance of God’s power in us.

Against all of our intuition and worldly teaching, the only real way to inherit the Earth and to receive the fullness of God’s promise, is to be meek, and submit our power to His.  What a great promise, that it is His great power, not our weakness, that will make the difference.  Praise God!

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever tried to do something that you failed at? Why did you fail? What did you discover, through your failure, about yourself? Have you found the limitations of your power and your abilities?

2. What do you believe God is capable of? When you try to describe the power of God, how does that look to you? Does God have any limitations? What power, yours or God’s would you rather have steering your life?

3. What do you hope to inherit through God’s power? How do you think that inheritance will measure up to what you can give yourself?

Pray that God will help you to deal humbly with life.  Pray that He will show you what meekness is, and how you can learn to detach from your own power and connect to the power of God.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower you to live like Jesus, dealing with others the way that He did, acting like a servant to all.  Thank God for His power in your life.


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