There is no time of year I enjoy more than Christmas! The sweet smell of gingerbread baking, and decorating Christmas cookies to the sound of Bing Crosby’s crooner voice singing us tidings of good cheer, really puts me in the holiday spirit.  It inst a great Christmas playlist without Bing. Who doesn’t like the sight of Christmas, all those beautiful lights adorning rooftops, corner to corner, across town. Selecting that perfect gift for the ones I hold dear makes my heart full of joy. Candle light church services proclaiming the the glory of Jesus birth, time spent with family and friends gathered, eating scrumptious delights and even the slightly cheesy Hallmark Christmas marathons, I simply love everything about Christmas. Yes even the grumpy store clerks, they just need a fresh baked cookie to cheer them up!

Ultimately though, one of my favorite things about Christmas is the decorating. As soon as the last Tupperware seals the leftover turkey and trimmings after our Thanksgiving feast, there I am pulling out the Christmas boxes from storage. Or, rather, making my husband pull them out.  I turn on my favorite Christmas station and happily begin the days of decorating ahead. Ornaments that we hang on the tree hold a special place in my heart. Each year we select a unique ornament for each of our children and one for each other as well.  Its a tradition that I started when they were babies so that they will each have a set when they fly away from the nest one day. (Hopefully not to soon!) Once the tree is up we make hot chocolate and give each other the first gift of the season, our ornaments for the year.

My children are now teens and are rapidly approaching adulthood.  It has me thinking my tree will probably be pretty bare in a few years, when they move out and start families of their own. (Again, hopefully not too soon. Don’t leave me my sweet babies! Please allow me to regain my composure.) So I thought it was a good time to make some ornaments of my own. I recruited two beautiful helpers my daughter and niece.

IMG_1952 -1

For this project you will need some supplies:

(By clicking the above picture or product links you can buy these and other supplies from Amazon.  Doing so gives you the supplies you need, and it helps to support Wonderful Joy.  Thank you!)

IMG_1941 -1

After you gather your supplies, give some instruction to the kids on how to start decorating, like pick a theme or sticker, decide on color, etc.  Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way, but always leave plenty of room for their own inspiration and remember to have lots of fun!

I started off by picking four birch pieces about the same shape and size and I painted the fronts black. I was going for a chalk board look.



Next I picked four words or phrases that made me think of Christmas. Noel, Peace on Earth, Joy, and Rejoice! I free-hand panted the words on the front in white chalk paint. You can use stencils and chalk marker for this if you prefer. Make sure you pick a small enough font for the front of your ornaments. You can also add a little sticker or hand paint some holly and berries, whatever looks right. Once they’re dry you can seal the front with a thin layer of Modge Podge for a little sheen, or leave it natural for a matte finish.



Next, I took the small eye hooks and screwed them at the top of the birch slice and tied a bow of red ribbon around it. Finally, I threaded the eye hook with some gold twine to make a hanger for the ornaments.

I hope you have as much fun as we did making these ornaments. I will remember the time spent and happy giggling  with these two sweet girls for a long time! Never forget that one of the best things about Christmas is sharing it with the ones you love.


IMG_2000 -1

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