So, if you’re here at our blog, we thank you very much, but I assume you have to ask yourself, “Why should I keep reading this?  What do these two people have to offer me, and why should I care what they think?”

Well, let us tell you, and then you can decide what you want to do with our blog, whether you want to patronize it, and whether or not you want to share it with others.  (Please pick that.)

First and foremost we love Jesus, and we love people.  We have a burning desire to share who Jesus is, what He has done, and how and why He will change your life.  We feel this call deeply from the commands of the Bible, (Matthew 28:16-20)  and we feel this call deeply from our hearts and souls.  We want to be in ministry together, meeting people’s needs, both spiritual and physical, and teaching the truths of God’s Word.  That is the biggest reason we are doing this blog, because we want to be ministers of the Gospel, and this is our mission field.  As such we’ll be sharing devotionals and entries with scripture teachings that God lays on our hearts.

Secondly, we want to share some wisdom on family life.  We’re from two very different kinds of families and two very different backgrounds, and God has mashed us together into one unit, (that term may not be gentle, but it’s pretty accurate) and we want to tell you what we’ve learned, and in the process learn back from you.  This will include some advice for great, and cheap, family vacations, as well as how to live together in peace and mercy, with purpose.

Finally, we feel the struggle that all of you feel, of trying to keep a home, while also both working full time, being deeply involved in our churches, and having two teenagers.  So we wanted to share some of our DIY tips, some printable goodies, and of course, some recipes.  (We love to cook for people, and for a long time we dreamed about opening a restaurant, but truthfully this is much more our speed.  Think of it as our restaurant, except we give the directions and you do the work.  It’ll be fun!)

Thank you all so much for sharing in our lives, we’d love to hear back from you about yours, and may God bless you on your journey through life.  We cannot wait to meet all of our new friends!

-Chuck and Christine


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